I build LEGO space models using only the parts that featured in the Classic Space sets from 1978-1987.

I recently built these upgraded versions of the 918, 924 and 928 sets from 1979. I also designed 10 trailer modules for my 'R01 Buggy':

I've been making some renders of ships as they pass above with lighting effects added:


These are the only parts I use in my LEGO models:

You can download a Bricklink Studio file containing all the Classic Space Parts lower down this page -

See _classic-space-parts.txt
within the Bricklink Studio Files section.

EXCEPTIONS: I write LEGO-based stories such as 'The Skaylors', 'Jaseman's Lair' and 'Beta II Command Base' which contain other parts that are not from Classic Space sets. Also you might stumble onto some models that I did more than 5 years ago - before I decided to only use the parts from the Classic Space sets. The 'Classic Space parts only' rule applies to my Facebook group (Strictly Classic Space) and also to The Jaseman Collection (See below). Within The Jaseman Collection, Bases B02, B03 & B04 contain Legoland Castle and Legoland Town parts. These locations are part of my Skaylors story.

The Jaseman Collection is a long-term project where I am aiming to create 40 LEGO models using only the 700+ parts from the original Classic Space sets (1978-1987).

There are:

  • 10x Ships

  • 10x Rovers

  • 10x Bases

  • 10x Miscellaneous Items

S01 Freedom Seeker

S02 Marauder

S03 Athena Shuttle Craft

S04 Eagle

S05 Icarus

S06 Refueller

S07 Robot Deployment Ship

S08 Explorer

S09 Interceptor

S10 Scorpio

R01 Buggy

R02 Dune Bug

R03 Tanker

R04 Rocket Transporter

R05 Trayl Blayzr

R06 Vigilante Snow Tank

R07 Supply Transporter

R08 Hauler

R09 Bulldozer

R10 Monorail

B01 Floors and Skies

B02 The Heavens

B03 Legoland Castle

B04 Legoland Town

B05 Legoland Moon Colony

B06 Yellow Planet Cluster

B07 Red Star Territories

B08 Falcon

B09 Hawkia

B10 Skaylor Space Station

M01 Factions

M02 Robot Work Squad

M03 Props and Accessories

M04 Large Claw Exo

M05 Walker

M06 Ground Defence Laser Cannon

M07 Grab Arm

M08 Force Shield Generator

M09 Security Gate




This is my Facebook Group where I share the latest progress on 'The Jaseman Collection' and discuss Classic Space related topics. All are welcome to stop in, join the group and take part.

NOTE: There are some strict rules regarding regular active participation and parts use which a lot of people might not agree with or like.

This is a book I wrote about the Legoland Space System.

I am currently working on an update to it.

A 24-page magazine aimed at Classic Space Lego collectors and enthusiasts.The magazine includes MOC reviews, set reviews, building tips, suggestions for use of elements and a comic strip story all photographed using Classic Space LEGO

The Skaylors is a Space Saga which I have been developing since childhood. The story takes place between 1979 and 1987, however in this story, time moved much faster and the minifigures aged faster - One Earth month was equivant to a year for the characters of the story. Many of the models used in the scenes are from The Jaseman Collection.

The Skaylors are killer robots that travel around the galaxy extinguishing all biological life. There are various different races of people from four different regions of space.

Click on the Skaylors title above to find out more.

This story is set directly after the events of the book 'The Unknown Galaxy' and follows the adventures of Jaseman - An IT Technician who has gone AWOL from the giant Zonian spaceship 'Spearhead'. During his exploration of planet Robus he befriends a robot called Tonto and together they build a lair as a base to fight the evil tyrrant 'Kazak'.

Vex Wing Fighter

Stardrive Paintings


IMPORTANT: Download the .txt files. Your browser will save the file with .zip extension. Rename from .zip to .io in order to open them with the Bricklink Studio 2.0 software.
DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THEM AS A ZIP FILE! You will be prompted for a password (Which is 'soho0909') however if you have renamed the file correctly - you won't be asked for a password. You MUST rename the .zip to .io

The .png files give you a preview of what is contained within each Studio file.


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